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Shopping around? We promise our detector smokes the competition. Lab testing, when done right, is the gold standard for accuracy in the industry. However, it can become very costly to send off samples regularly for testing. Samples can also continue fermenting while in the mail! There are many ways to measure density in-house, but density does not tell the full story. Density measurements are interfered by solids, sugar, acids, and carbonation leading to incorrect alcohol calculations. The Rare Combinations LLC Alcohol Detector takes the best of both worlds. Accuracy of lab testing AND the in-house ease of use of density measurements? We’ve got it all.

Don’t take our word for it…

Previously contracted by Kombucha Brewers International, Beyers Analytical compared our device to the gold-standard in the industry: GC-FID.

“The Kombucha Alcohol Detector [that’s us!] can be a powerful tool for spot-checking alcohol concentrations in day-to-day operations.”

“Comparison of Rare Combinations LLC’s Kombucha Alcohol Detector to GC-FID”
Beyers Analytical
SampleMeasured ABV (%)
Measured ABV (%)
Rare Combinations
Kombucha 10.35+/-0.010.32 +/-0.05
Kombucha 20.82 +/-0.010.76 +/-0.05
Kombucha 30.60 +/-0.010.54 +/-0.05
Kombucha 40.86 +/-0.010.76 +/-0.05
Kombucha 50.16 +/-0.010.14 +/-0.05
0.75% Standard0.74 +/-0.010.77 +/-0.05

Wow, look at that data…

Nearly identical to GC-FID at a fraction of the cost. Oh, and did we mention you can perform the readings in-house in only one minute?

So Who’s Buying?

GT’s Kombucha. Ever heard of them? And over 120 others from around the world! Here’s just a few:

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“We currently use a local lab that uses gas chromatology. They are a public-school funded lab, so it’s affordable, but we still have to deal with freezing and overnighting samples, waiting, etc. and while affordable compared to private labs, is not free. Having an accurate in-house method would be the holy grail for any kombucha brewer… $1000 for a truly accurate in-house method is totally worth it.”

Peter Roderick

Mountain Culture Kombucha

“I was able to reduce the alcohol content of my recent batch down to 0.55% because I now had an accurate way to test alcohol content. I am working to knock it down a little bit more, but I know without your device there is no way I would be within regulations.”

Thomas Underwood

Ugly Mother Ferments

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