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Alcohol Detector:
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Welcome Mannanovians! As promised, please enjoy $100 off your alcohol detector purchase! Feel free to explore the site, but please return to this page in order to receive your discount! (The order button is above)

Everything needed to operate the detector is included with your purchase (even shipping). Detectors are typically shipped within a day or two of purchase. If you are not located in North America please contact the email below to arrange international shipment:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Precise, in-house alcohol content measurement is important for thorough quality control. The Rare Combinations LLC Alcohol Percentage Detector gives precise readings in under a minute and is very easy to use!

This patent-pending detector uses technology similar to breathalyzers to measure alcohol percentage without interference from other ingredients that may be in your beverage. Accuracy has been verified by a third-party lab who previously worked with Kombucha Brewers International.

Fine-tune your recipe and brewing process to stay below the legal limit of 0.5% alcohol content with this easy to use device!