Alcohol Content Detector

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The Alcohol Detector includes everything you need to do in-house alcohol testing!

Cost Comparison
Compared to products like the enzyme test kits, the near infrared alcolyzers, and lab testing, the Rare Combinations Alcohol Detector is much faster and more affordable!

Beyers Analytical (previously contracted by KBI) found that are detector is excellent compared to GC-FID!

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       This alcohol detector was built for the kombucha brewing industry, where conventional (refractometer/specific gravity) alcohol determination methods do not work, however, the detector can also be a convenient way to determine alcohol content in beer and wine after proper dilutions as well, especially in brews that traditional methods fail to give accurate readings (barrel aging, addition of fruit, hard seltzers, hard kombuchas, and sour beers).

        Air is bubbled through a liquid sample, the air passes into the detector, and the alcohol content of the sample is displayed on the screen.  Readings take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to stabilize. It should be noted, the detection range for the alcohol percentage detector is between 0.1% and 2.0%, but the best accuracy is between 0.1% and 1.0%. From the data, the detector should be used as a quick and easy spot checking device for use in tandem with monthly tests using GC-FID by a trusted lab.  In cases where conventional alcohol determination methods fail, the Rare Combinations LLC Alcohol Detector (patent pending) provides an alternative to paying $20,000 for near infrared testing equipment or $55 lab tests that may continue to ferment in the mail.