Alcohol Content Detector

Unlike any other.

Fast. Accurate. proven.

Directly measure alcohol in any liquid sample in one minute.

The best alcohol detector for low alcohol beverages

Readings in 1 minute

High-response gas sensor technology.

Designed for low Alcohol Beverages

Highest accuracy between 0.1% and 2.0%.

Purchased by over 120 Brewers Worldwide

Proven reliability in the industry.

Made By Brewers, For Brewers.

In 2017, our founder sought to found a kombucha brewery. After running into the alcohol limit of 0.5% in the United States and limited testing options. He spent a year developing an easier, more accurate alcohol detection method. Fast forward to the present, a patent was filed and over 120 alcohol detectors have been sold all over the world. Singapore, Canada, Australia, The UK, Germany, India, Spain, Brazil (Hi Lucas!), and many more.

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Nick Robertson, Founder (left) and Sean at The Brewkery (right) in Kansas City!

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