The Rare Combinations LLC Alcohol Percentage Detector (~Purchase~) is excellent for measuring alcohol in:

  • Kombucha

  • Jun

  • Hard-Seltzers

  • Hard-Kombuchas

  • Sours & Barrel Aged Beers

  • And Many More!

Unlike other options on the market, this device is affordable and gives readings in about 30 seconds.  Feel free to browse the site and watch the videos for more information!  Below is a brief introduction video; there are also more videos on the YouTube channel!


“We currently use a local lab that uses gas chromatology. They are a public-school funded lab, so it’s affordable, but we still have to deal with freezing and overnighting samples, waiting, etc. and while affordable compared to private labs, is not free. Having an accurate in-house method would be the holy grail for any kombucha brewer... $1000 for a truly accurate in-house method is totally worth it."
"I was able to reduce the alcohol content of my recent batch down to 0.55% because I now had an accurate way to test alcohol content. I am working to knock it down a little bit more, but I know without your device there is no way I would be within regulations."

About Rare Combinations LLC

We are dedicated to providing new and innovative tools to power your world.  Our current and only project is an alcohol detector aimed at the kombucha industry where there is lack of an affordable and accurate way to determine alcohol in brews.  The device was invented and patented out of a personal need while our founder was working to start a kombucha brewery.